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Friday, July 03, 2020
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India Mission

As Written by Arkansas Baptist Missions
God uses Grandview Baptist to reach India with the Gospel
In 2006 no one could have anticipated the mighty way in which God would use Grandview Baptist Church, Berryville AR. reach India for Christ. Billy McCall, pastor of Grandview Baptist, said his church’s involvement with India began when church members and others from the North Arkansas Baptist Association visited the country in 2006 and met a pastor working there.
In 2010, Billy McCall and Matt McKinney, a member of Grandview, traveled to India by the request of a pastor, who can not be named due to security reasons, who was ministering and to consider partnering with him.
The men arrived in India and were surprised to see how God was using the pastor’s ministry. God was working through the pastor to coordinate an organization that, among other things, trained pastors and housed orphans.
Billy McCall knew the pastor was going to buy a parcel of land to expand the organization; however, he didn’t know at the time how God would use Grandview Baptist to facilitate expansion.
After returning from India and praying for God’s guidance, Billy McCall and Matt McKinney felt the Holy Spirit lead them to build a training school where local men could be trained as pastors and serve their native communities.
At the time of McCall and McKinney’s visit, the pastor’s ministry was training and housing new pastors in a garage. The facility held only 4 pastors and had no room to house orphans.
The Lord had spoken to them and they saw a need for that building. There had to be a way to train more pastors… The Harvest was plentiful and the workers were few.
After seeing the land and the pastor’s current facilities, they felt God was telling them the purpose for their visiting India was to lead the way for funding of a new building- a facility, where more pastor’s could be trained and where orphans could be taken off the streets, given a place to live and told about Christ.
McCall and McKinney proposed the project to Grandview in January of 2011. Grandview voted to pay for the building in March 2011 at an originally estimated cost of $250,000.00. After increases in taxes and building costs, the project was now estimated to cost $350,000.00
Billy McCall said the project was a huge leap of faith for Grandview, but an even bigger blessing. Once finished the building will serve several purposes, housing and training for up to 35 pastors and housing for up to 30 orphans.
It’s about getting pastors trained. It’s about doing His will and reaching unreached people groups. We have said from the beginning this is (God’s) building.