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Friday, July 03, 2020
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Arizona Mission

Grandview Baptist Church
Supporter of Solid Rock Foundation
Black Mesa Arizona Mission  
   This project started in January 2012, with a visit by some members of Solid Rock Foundation(SRF) of Harrison AR to Black Mesa AZ.  Conard Villines our Project Manager, had made some calls to the Baptist Association in Arizona about some kind of a building project, they put him in contact with Pastor Willie Tsosie of Mesa View Baptist Church.  After our visit, the members of SRF voted to under take this project to build a new church for they had out grown their building.  Grandview along with other churches in this area were ask to join with Solid Rock Foundation in this project, several local churches did along with a church from Colorado another church from Oregon and one from Arizona.
     The project got underway with the foundation being laid in March 2013.  Members from SRF went out the first week of June and put the floor down, members of the church from Oregon came out the second week and put the walls up, and members from the church in Arizona along with members from Grandview and SRF came out the third week and put the roof on.  In September a group from Arkansas including SRF and Grandview came out and put in electricity to the building and built the stage, pastor study, a room for the babies and a sound booth.  The church from Arizona is now working on completing the electrical wiring and putting up some of the insulation, 
     Group from Grandview Baptist will be going back March 29, 2014 to complete the wiring, insulation, wiring for sound and putting up sheet rock. This project was projected to take 5 to 7 years, depending on the monies that would become available. It has only been a little over a year that we laid the foundation and now we are in the final stages to completion. We are amazed at how fast all this has come together. When GOD is involved and the project has HIS Blessing, ALL things are possible.. As we go forward, it looks like the project will be completed in the fall; of 2014. God does provide for his work, we just have to have FAITH. 
Our work continues in 2014 on the new church building at Mesa View, Arizona. We have already made a trip in early April to work on the inside, putting windows in, hanging sheetrock, and getting ready to paint and put the interior trim in. We still have a lot of work to do, and plan another trip sometime around the first of June. Our hopes are to have the church in operation by the last of 2014, or sooner. We will then move into the old church building and convert it into classrooms and study areas. This is some of the things we are doing now, there are plans to tie the two buildings together, add bathrooms, a common entry to all the structures, and make accommodations for Bible School groups, and for training new pastors, for work on the Navajo Reservation.